Bespoke Diet

Go pro diet is about seeking to restore balance within the body systems by providing the correct macro & micro nutrients. We hope that your dietary changes will have a profound and lasting effect on your health.

Good nutrition is about no fad/fancy diets or removing all the foods that you enjoy. A customized healthy & structured diet plan will be provided for you to begin your journey to better health. Maintaining your food choices and style of cuisine shall enable you to gain confidence to make the right food choices and see the benefits of how a few simple changes could make a significant difference to how you feel.

Initial Consultation

As you book the appointment, we shall either call you (audio/video call) or meet you in person to discuss in detail about your health condition, objective/expectation from the engagement, dietary pattern & over all lifestyle.

Bespoke/Customized/Tailored diet

Based on your nutritional goal, health condition & package selected, customized diet plan shall beprovided to you along with the choice of cuisine (veg/Non Veg, Continental, Indian, South Indian, Bengali etc)


Weekly reviews shall be planned in consultation with you. Since we are dealing with 1-0- 1 consultation & practice, we are going to be a call/message away to answer any queries, questions, problem that you may face throughout the package period.